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We care deeply about preserving our area, our oceans and our world. Not just for us, but for every guest and for future generations. That’s why we’ve created many green initiatives here at El Dorado Spa Resorts.

All our properties in the Riviera Maya have not only met, but highly surpassed the criteria required by the Green Globe Certification program in our efforts towards environmental protection and sustainability. Green Globe analyzes 337 indicators that cover various areas of green travel and responsible ecotourism, such as Environmental Conservation and Financial Commitment. We are proud to be part of the best known sustainability certification program in the hospitality industry.


In an effort to actively promote conscious tourism, El Dorado Spa Resorts has created an integral line of sustainable programs and initiatives. One of them being our Passion for Sustainability program, which oversees that our operations are in line with Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria, local and national regulations, and certification agencies.

We’ve also created Kan-Kanán, an artificial reef that protects the coast from natural erosion and provides a new habitat for thousands of species. Covering a 1.9-kilometer area parallel to the coast of Punta Brava, it’s considered the longest artificial reef in the world. Guests can also taste our passion for sustainability and culinary standards at our own 70,000 sq. ft. hydroponic greenhouse where we grow several types of vegetables and a selection of fresh herbs for all of El Dorado Spa Resorts.


Every room comes with an energy-saving air conditioner that uses electrical converters that help limit the on-off cycles. This makes the unit more efficient in cooling, along with the air conditioner’s longer life due to less wear and tear on the components and helps reduce power consumption by 50%. This also results in the reduction of dangerous CO2, thereby reducing our overall carbon footprint.

In addition to our air conditioning, all of our water heating systems at our resorts are solar powered, saving even more energy. Plus, our ozone systems replace all chemicals needed in the laundry room, and our filtering and recycling system converts 92% of the water used into drinking water. We also have laundry drying systems in place that recover up to 98% of the heat produced, so we can later use it in the washing cycles.

Sea Turtle
Conservation Program

Mexico has detected a sharp decrease in Sea Turtle populations due to overfishing, human development, and degradation of their coastal ecosystems, pushing them to the brink of extinction. To protect these precious Sea Turtles that call the Riviera Maya home, we have Turtle Conservation Camps in place to carefully monitor nesting Sea Turtles and protect their eggs. We also reduce noise and light until the eggs hatch and the newborns find their way back to the ocean. Ask about our Sea Turtle Adoption Program to get involved. This program is operated in alliance with Flora and Fauna & Culture of Mexico and The Travel Foundation.

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